Meet The Trainer: Sandy McConnell (North Dartmouth, MA) Southcoast Dog Training & Care, Inc.

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Sandy McConnell is the owner and a Dog Trainer at Southcoast Dog Training & Care, Inc. Sandy develops customized puppy and dog training programs based on the needs of your dog. She provides private training and also facilitates group classes.

Prior to starting Southcoast Dog Training & Care, Inc., Sandy had been training people for more than twenty years in the military as well as in the corporate setting. Her main areas of expertise were instructional design and training. Sandy's varied background in instructional design provided the perfect foundation to become a dog trainer. Her ability to teach people based on their learning style helps facilitate the learning process which makes learning easier and more memorable.

Sandy attended CATCH Canine Trainers Academy in Little Falls, NJ, where she studied a variety of dog training topics such as, obedience, dog body language, dog training equipment, and solving behavioral problems. She has also attended workshops in Professional Dog Training Skills and Body Language, Behavior, and Problems Solving Skills held at at St. Hubert's Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. In addition to her schooling, Sandy shadowed a professional dog trainer for two years who has over 30 years of dog training experience.

Sandy got her start in dog training by volunteering as a puppy raiser for a service dog organization based in Princeton, MA. She helped raise puppies to become ADI accredited service dogs. In addition to training pet dogs, she now assists owners in training their own dogs as service dogs and therapy dogs.

Sandy is a Veteran and was a member of the Army National Guard and a Military Police Officer for fifteen years. She was deployed with the 119th Military Police Company from Rhode Island and served as the Tactical Operations NCO for the Bosnian Peacekeeping Mission, Operation Joint Forge in 2000-2001.

What Makes Southcoast Dog Training & Care, Inc. Different

When I am training dogs, I am also training you. During our training sessions, I spend an hour with you and show you how train your dog. I tell you what the command looks like, demonstrate it, then I let you do several repetitions to make sure you are doing it properly. I keep my lessons fun, light, and stress free.

Because all dogs are different, they need different training approaches. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to dog training so we offer free, no-obligation consultations. During the consultation, we evaluate your dog AND your relationship with your dog to determine the best approach to training. We then develop customized training programs based on your dog’s needs and teach you how to communicate with her, creating a strong bond, so that you can have a more enjoyable relationship.


For more information on Southcoast Dog Training & Care, Inc., please visit their web site, or you can email Sandy directly at [email protected] or call 508-728-6687.