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Welcome to Weekend Homesteaders! Celebrate the marriage of the corporate nine-to-five and homesteader lifestyles, striking a balance that captures the essence of our dreams and preferences. Our approach focuses on trimming costs, enhancing self-sufficiency, and cultivating supplementary income, whether through hobbies or side hustles. This unique blend not only offers financial advantages but also creates a lifestyle that is personally enriching and purposeful.

Join us and uncover the secrets to balancing productivity and pleasure in a way that aligns with your unique interests and aspirations. Ours is homesteading, chickens, and chainsaws.

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Looking to add to your flock? We can help. We are located in Lakeville, MA

Adding to your flock? We can help. We are a small breeder from Lakeville, MA and NPIP certified. Click here to learn more about our flock, the breeds we keep, ordering chicks, hatching eggs, and availability. And if you just like looking at cute chicks, here's our chick photo gallery.

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(Left) Check out some of my old photos from when I was doing a lot of photography.



Irrespective of age, status, or gender, each of us is allotted 1,440 minutes in a day. The crucial question is, what do we make of those minutes? Is time an asset propelling us forward, or does it pose a liability, slipping away unnoticed? The power lies in our choices, as every moment holds the potential to shape our journey and define our priorities.