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Infuse Vibrancy into Your Flock with Rare Breed Hybrids in Fun and Unique Colors!

Choosing our chicks is not just a purchase; it's an investment in quality, care, and uniqueness. We take pride in being NPIP certified, ensuring that our flock is free from significant poultry diseases, providing you with healthy and robust chicks. Our commitment extends beyond standard breeds – we specialize in rare breed crosses, introducing vibrant and distinctive colors to your coop. At our farm, fairness is paramount – we prioritize ethical and sustainable practices in every aspect of our operations. What sets us apart is our dedication to hands-on care – each chick is regularly handled, fostering friendly and personable dispositions. When you choose our chicks, you're not just adding to your flock; you're inviting a feathered friend who embodies health, diversity, and the warm touch of a small family-run farm. To see more photos, visit our photo album here.

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Deathlayer: Westfälische Totleger
Pita Pinta Asturiana
Ayam Cemani

Available Now:

Hatching Eggs:

  • Deathlacers: Deathlayer Rooster x Wyandotte Hen (hybrid)
  • Deathlayer Rooster x Ameraucana Hen (hybrid)
  • Silver Deathlayers

"Stormlacer" chicks - Available March 17 - must be pre-ordered no later than February 22. The Stormlacer is a Deathlayer hybrid exclusive to C&C Homestead. The chicks come in a variety of color patterns in shades of gray or black and white.

Also available: One of these 2 boys needs a flock of his own. I love them both! One is going to join my sister's flock in a few months and she doesn't care which, but the other needs a home. Both were hatched here and are very friendly. The Gold Laced Brahma (Captain Morgan) hatched in August and the Deathlayer hybrid (Aquarius) (cross with Wyandotte hen) hatched in October. He is a mixture of gray, white, and splashes of buff.

Captain Morgan
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Coming in 2024 Spring & Summer:

  • Pita Pinta x Ayam Cemanis (hybrid)
  • Pita Pinta x White Leghorn (hybrid)
  • Silver Death Layer x Ayam Cemani (hybrid)
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wyandotte hens
Sophia holding Storm
Deathlayer cross chicks

If you are looking for a fun flock, you have come to the right place. We offer Silver Deathlayers and first generation rare crosses, in fun colors, and family raised from a small flock where are chicks are regularly handled.

Egg-cellent News: Tailored Hatching Experience Awaits! 🐣

Embark on a personalized poultry adventure with our custom hatching service! Select from our available breeds, and we'll expertly hatch the eggs for you, ensuring a unique and delightful addition to your homestead.

🥚 Why Opt for Our Custom Hatching Service:

  • Curated Selection: Choose from a delightful array of breeds to craft the perfect flock.
  • Precision Incubation: We meticulously monitor temperature, humidity, and turning to guarantee high hatch rates.
  • Health Priority: Your eggs come from our NPIP-certified flocks, emphasizing our commitment to health and biosecurity. Your future flock starts life in an environment prioritizing their well-being.

Eggs to hatch must be pre-ordered and require a deposit. Contact us on Facebook or text 774-826-8118 for more information and availability.

For 2024 we are expecting:

  • Silver Deathlayers
  • Silver Deathlayer and Ayam Cemani cross
  • Silver Deathlayer and Wyandotte cross
  • Silver Deathlayer and Ameraucana cross
  • Pita Pinta and Cemani cross
  • Pita Pinta and White Leghorn cross
  • Pita Pinta and Ameraucana cross

These are some of the chicks we have sold in the past:

SOLD: Gold Laced Brahmas (2) (hatched 8/21 - Pullets) Must be sold as a pair. NPIP - send inquiry for prices- text 774-826-8118 or email [email protected].

brahma chick
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chicks in incubator
Gold & Silver Deathlayers
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