Sharing Reiki With My Bees

Reiki with Bees

Saturday my bees arrived. One day they were living in warm GA and the next thing they know, they are on a truck with thousands of other bees headed to chilly MA.

I installed the bees in the hive (on my own!) and they were pretty angry ... more angry then the bees last year. Granted this year was chilly, cloudy, and drizzling. Last year my bees came in late May and it was warm and sunny and I had experienced help.

On Sunday and Monday the bees were much more active and flying around the hive. I'd still describe them as angry and bit aggressive in protecting their space so unlike last year's bees.

On Tuesday, I could see some of the bees starting to fly out and not just around the hive. The great thing is I can watch them from my office window at my desk. It was such a beautiful day, I decided that it would be a perfect occasion for Reiki with the bees.

I decided to use a guided meditation with Kathleen Prasad: Animal Reiki Meditation: Embrace The World With A Compassionate Heart.

A little back story, but I have never practiced meditation until I started my Reiki schooling. I had no interest or any idea of what it was about but decided I wasn't interested ... and here I am a few months later meditating with bees. Slowing my mind down at the end of the day has always been a problem, but this has helped so much and I know that the more I practice, the easier it will become.

It was a beautiful day, and perfect weather to sit outside and take in the beautiful spring weather (finally). The pups came out with me and were out and about ... not a great idea, but I'll get to that.

I settled in about 4' from the hive since my, a little less, but still angry bees were flying around the hive and protecting the space. They were curious and investigated me, flew around me and a few little dives in my direction but they seemed satisfied that I was not going to harm them.

Bees 04.22.21

All went very well and the bees settled, I relaxed and enjoyed the space and peace of the moment, and was so grateful slow down and be in the moment with the bees after a long and fast paced day.

My dogs came over and sat with me during the meditation and all was quiet, peaceful and well. BUT just as the meditation was ending, Nova, my little dog, decided to chase a bee. What possessed her, I don't know. She's never chased a bug in her life, and I've had her 6 years ...but today, she chased a bee and it stung her. Although it didn't go quite as I had imagined, It was powerful an I look forward to many more to come.

Nova wasn't too happy about the sting, I took her in, treated it with baking soda. It bothered her a little while but never swelled and after an hour, she had forgotten it happened. I just hope she doesn't completely forget and will think twice before chasing a bee again.

I will likely keep the pups indoors the next time I share Reiki with the bees.

Lots more to come and check back soon to learn more about Animal Reiki and my experiences as a new practitioner.

Don't want to wait? You can learn more about Animal Reiki here.