Taking Back My Health: Day 1



I have wanted a Peleton bike for a long time (years). I have an exercise bike and a trainer I used with both my mountain and road bike but I wanted a Peleton. Today was the big day and my bike arrived.

The delivery team was awesome, they were courteous, quick, and thorough. In less than 30 minutes they had my bike set up and fitted to me and explained the basics.

My Story

I used to run (a little) and ride (a little more). I've done a marathon, a few halfs and a variety of other distances. I preferred trail running to the road. I also did a few mountain bike races (VT 50 2x) which I was proud to finish (and not last)... that was all about 10 years ago. Life gets in the way sometimes and although I still rode, I didn't have the time to put in like I did when I was self-employed. Then in Dec 2020 I got Covid. To this day, I'm still having issues and am considered a long hauler. I have not done much of anything for the last year. So as to be expected, I went from out of shape to badly out of shape. Each day passed and I finally decided it was time to do something!

First Ride

I was so excited for my first ride and my bike did not disappoint. I did a timed (15 minute) ride and loved it despite the disappointment in myself. My mind remembers the strength (I never had speed) and endurance of days gone by BUT my body did not want to cooperate. It was painful and I barely made 15 minutes.

The good news is I didn't need to buy new shoes! Peleton sells shoes (you clip in) for about $125 BUT my road bike shoes worked perfectly ... or as perfectly as a pair of my less than favorite shoes (I never particularly liked them.) I will likely swap the pedals with my mountain bike. I LOVE my mountain bike shoes. Anyway, whatever I do, I don't need new shoes!!


Anyway, I took a break and then rode again for another 10 minutes. This time I just did a "plain" ride (nothing on the screen).

I admit, my legs felt like jelly when I got off the bike and I really was disappointed to have gone so far backwards but excited with the opportunity to do something about it.

My Goals

I've gained about 15lbs in the last 15 months. One goal is to lose 20lbs.

A short term goal: do my first live class after I am able to ride for 30 minutes. I am guessing maybe 2 weeks.

A long term goal: I will ride 5 days a week (at minimum).

A short term goal: Complete the February Challenge and hit at least 50 miles for the month.


Some of my old memories to help inspire and motivate me to become the best me that I can be RIGHT now.


Join me on this journey to take back my health, feel good about myself again and become the best version of myself and simply feel better!!