The ghosts of Philadelphia: learn about the city’s gruesome past

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Looking for a special gift or a fun family night? If you said yes, then Amazon Explore might be for you! Many options are available. Below is my tour experience: The ghosts of Philadelphia: learn about the city's gruesome past.

About Amazon Explore: Each session uses real-time communication with local hosts through one-way video & two-way audio to give you a true sensation of "being there" as you visit vibrant destinations and participate in bucket list activities.

You can walk down a street of your choosing, getting a panoramic view of your surroundings, and ask questions about anything you see. When a shop catches your eye, your host can enter, browse items, show you an item from all angles, and ask questions directly to the shop owner. You can then purchase the items (even those not available on and receive them at your home as simply and securely as if you were shopping on Amazon. There is something for everyone!

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The ghosts of Philadelphia: learn about the city's gruesome past

This was my first time trying Amazon Explore.  It was so much fun and engaging, the 90 minutes seemed to fly by.

Thank goodness my tour was from the comfort of my couch because it was rainy and windy Philly. night (tour started at 7PM). My guide braved the elements with a smile and never skipped a beat. She was very knowledgeable, well spoken, funny, and very personable.

Although my tour was scheduled as a group, I was the only person that showed. Up to 7 people can join a tour. Normally everyone is muted, and you can click the hand icon if you have a question and your guide will stop the narrative and respond to your question. Since it was only me and my guide, we had an open mic and chatted more freely. We even exchanged ghost stories.

Although I spent a lot of my childhood in Jersey, right outside Philly, this 90 minute tour was very informative especially if you like history and eerie tales of the unexplained. It's the things you won't learn in history class.

Philadelphia is a great place to visit! If you haven't already, nothing beats actually being there BUT this tour is a great alternative and much better than a video or photos someone took. Speaking of photos, there is a photo button on the screen and you can take as many photos as you'd like. If you are lucky you just might catch the image of an apparition in your photo. Below are a few of the scenes that I captured.

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