Brinks’ Story: A CBD Journey

As a CBD advocate and educator, I love speaking to people about their experience with CBD. Devan Waters of Goat Ridge Hemp shared her story of her dog's journey with CBD. It's an amazing story of hope, faith and love.

CBD is truly amazing and how it works in our bodies is even more incredible. It's not a drug or medicine but it interacts with our body's systems to bring balance that allows the body to function as it was intended in a healthy balanced state. It cures nothing but puts our body in the position that wonderful things can happen!


Brinks' CBD Journey!

November 14th 2018 our dog Brinks was diagnosed with a very aggressive bone cancer, osteosarcoma.

November 26th Brinks had his front left leg amputated and was left with a very bleak outcome. Our vet informed us that we were only looking at a few months left with him even after amputation, and if we chose not to move forward with chemo his life expectancy would be even shorter. After a ton of research We did opt out of chemo, instead we decided to take the CBD route. We had just started farming hemp for CBD that spring and were shocked that our own best friend's life was going to depend on it. We were (still are) so grateful to be on this journey when Brinks was going to need it most!

We started giving Brinks 2 droppers full of our CBD oil every day. (50mg for each dropper 1500mg bottle of our full spectrum CBD oil.)

FAST FORWARD TO December 10th 2019

We took our other dog to the vet for a dew claw injury and decided to take Brinks in as well to ask for a chest X-Ray (typically you will lose your battle to osteosarcoma due to tumors metastasizing to the lungs). We had given them no warning we were bringing Brinks, as it was a last minute decision on our end; so when we arrived the staff was floored. The vet even went to get his chart before coming in the exam room to check out our other dog. She couldn't believe he was still alive and in such good health. She checked to see if they had sent for a biopsy on his amputated limb (which they had) and his numbers for the cancer were so high, she said he is defying all odds. She agreed to do a chest X-Ray and was floored again when the results came back completely clear of any tumors in his chest.


Osteosarcoma spreads by the cancer cells metastasizing. (Brinks tumors were metastasizing by 3, meaning that every cell that metastasized 3 new cancer cells were created). CBD studies have shown that CBD slows and in some cases stops the metastasizing of cancer cells.

Brinks Today
Brinks Today

Based on Brinks tumor numbers prior to his CBD journey he shouldn't have made it this far. Thanks to our CBD oil Brinks is celebrating 14 months post diagnosis today!!


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